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kunming to dhaka, delhi, mumbai, hanoi, madras, bangalore and kath mandu. the airport plans to open more air routes to connect kunming wind power and solar energy, and is quickly becoming the province s first pillar industry. in the near future, green energy 500 companies and 18 top 500 chinese companies. hosted with the theme of

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astronomers identify second brightest star in milky way

it blazes with the light of an estimated 3.2 million suns, reported a team of german astronomers. the reigning "brightest star" champion is eta carina, with a whopping solar wattage of 4.7 million suns. but according to astronomers, it is hard to pin down an exact brightness, or luminosity, for these scorching stars, so they could potentially

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los angeles boasts world's largest solar energy plan 2008/11/25 los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa monday unveiled an ambitious plan that calls for installing solar panels on residents' rooftops to meet 10 percent of the city's energy needs by the year 2020. china's new regional aircraft eyes high end market 2008/11/21

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shanghai calls for lights out to study sun eclipse

a solar eclipse happens when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun's light over part of the earth. government officials said yesterday a plan to handle the effects of the solar eclipse will be devised involving government departments including traffic

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china energy project shortlisted for global green awards

shining a light on the yak herders of china, a solar revolution for tent dwellers which represents renewable energy development project (redp), will compete to be the ashden awards' energy champion, with prize money of up to 40,000 pounds (some

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cassini finds mysterious new aurora on saturn

u.s. space agency nasa reported on wednesday that cassini spacecraft found saturn has its own unique brand of aurora that lights up the polar cap, unlike any other planetary aurora known in the solar system. this odd aurora revealed itself to one of the infrared instruments on cassini. "we've never

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solar halo in beijing china radio international

solar halos appear in the sky of beijing friday morning, january 25, 2008. the solar halos, which amazed many locals, formed when light from the sun is refracted by ice crystals associated with high level clouds, experts said.[photo sohu ]

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hourly news 2008 08 06 china radio international

solar power is being used to light lawns, courtyards and streets at several venues including the olympic village where reclaimed water from a sewage treatment plant is being used for heating and cooling systems. iran's response to int'l offer unacceptable u.s. officials

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2012 2 9 13 2012 2 8 12

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early theories on the solar system english.cri.cn

early theories on the solar system he observed the planets, noting that they were circular disks and not pinpoints of light like the stars. the phases of venus were discovered and signified that planets shone by reflected sunlight. he also noticed the rings of saturn (although he did not realize what they were) and the four large moons of Get A Free Quote